Taxi Medicals - Rules

We do medical examinations for those applying for a first taxi licence and existing taxi drivers renewing their licences.

The majority of councils allow their drivers to go to any registered doctor but it is important that you check with your licensing department before you come to us.

The council licensing department will give you a medical questionnaire which you need to bring with you to your appointment for the doctor to complete. You then need to return this to the licensing officer.

Taxi and hackney carriage licensing

The House of Commons Transport Select Committee on taxis and private hire vehicles recommended in February 1995 that taxi licence applicants should pass a medical examination before a licence could be granted.

Responsibility for determining the standards, including medical requirements, to be applied to taxi drivers, over and above the driver licensing requirements, rests with the public carriage office in the metropolitan area and the local authority in all other areas.

Current best practice advice is contained in the booklet "Fitness to Drive: A Guide for Health Professionals" published on behalf of the Department by The Royal Society of Medicine Press Limited (RSM) in 2006.

This guide emphasises that taxi drivers and hackney carriage drivers do need to meet the same medical standards as PCV drivers and HGV drivers, - with the exception of those with diabetes on insulin who are sometimes allowed to drive taxis. The rules are complicated. If this applies to you, please give us a call and one of our doctors will be happy to advise you

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