Non-NHS Services

Certain services are not included on the NHS. These include private medical examinations, private sick notes, letters to third parties, tests requested for employment and travel purposes, doctor's signatures on official documents, and some vaccinations. Please check when you hand such requests to us, whether a fee will be payable.

Service Fee
Cancellation of Holiday Certificate  £35.00
Citizenship Form (Witness) - Signature  £15.00
Citizenship Form (Witness) - Form £25.00
Driving License
(Driving License must be registered for 2 x yrs)
DVLA Report with Examination £50.00
DVLA Report / No Examination £23.00
Hair Analysis £132.00
Housing Letter with Examination £39.22
Housing Letter / No Examination £25.15
Passport Forms and Photographs
(Passport must be registered for 2 years)
Photocopies / per side 50p 
Private Prescriptions £15.00
RTA (Recording Incident) £21.30
Sickness Certificates £15.00
School Fees Insurance Claim £30.00
Vaccination Certificates £15.00
Travel Vaccination Certificates £15.00
Fitness Forms  
Fitness to Perform (Child Theatre Work) £15.00
Fitness to Travel - No Examination £70.50
Fitness to Travel - With Examination £148.00
Insurance Forms  
Credit Card / Bank Cards Insurance £70.50
Insurance Form - (BUPA/PPA) £70.50
Insurance Form - No examination £70.50
Insurance Form - With examination £148.50
Childminder Medical £66.00
Driving Medical £88.00
HGV (Patient Paying) £120.00
Medical Report - With examination £148.00
Medical Report - No examination £88.00
Mini Cab £120.00
Private Medical forms (BUPA/PPA) £70.50
Taxi Medical £120.00
Travel Vaccinations  
Hepatitis B £33.50
Hepatitis B Junior £31.50
Meningitis A and C £24.00
Meningitis ACWY
(Must be given if travelling to Saudi Arabia)
Rabies (2 x injections at 28 days apart)/ per each vaccine £ 45.00 ea
Other vaccines available on request.  
Malaria Prescriptions / Private Prescription £15.00

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